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Redefining success and unlocking people's potential for building unshakable wealth, enabling them to take control of their future.

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Combining actionable strategies with an unwavering commitment to personal growth, Lari helps the audience explore boundless possibilities that come with wealth-building and financial autonomy.

Drawing on her compelling journey from the streets of Chisinau, Moldova, to spearheading the Unshakable Wealth movement in America, Lari knows the art of resonating with every audience. Her firsthand experience as a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and bestselling author of Destined For Wealth, equips her with the wisdom and knowledge that changes lives. With her background in Finance and MBA from the University of Texas, coupled with her professional journey with the top Fortune 500 energy company, Lari brings to the table a unique understanding of financial success and wealth creation.

Experience the vibrancy and passion of a woman who turned adversity into opportunity. Let Lari illuminate the path to unshakable wealth for your audience. She is not just a speaker; she is a catalyst for change, inspiring your audience to take control of their financial future and live a life defined by their terms.

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- Megan S.

“Lari sped up my goals timeline and my confidence in myself grew 10x.”

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to see people become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually of prosperity, with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

Let's skip the shiny facades and dive into what's real. The thing is, we all crave to live life on our terms. And I'm here not just to share my story, but to show you how you can build your own.

At 21, I went from the streets of Chisinau, Moldova to the bustling business world of America. I stayed in the U.S. with $20, a bag of clothes, no acquaintances, and no knowledge of English. This initial leap of faith would become the cornerstone of my resilient journey to prosperity.

Let's reshape the narratives around wealth, success, and personal growth, to create the life that you love waking up to and a legacy that endures.

Lari’s presentation provides ambitious young professionals who are eager to climb the corporate ladder and achieve financial stability, the financial acumen and confidence they need to transform their money management practices. The audience will have actionable strategies to start the success journey, ensuring their career progression directly translates into wealth building.

Lari's words will not only motivate emerging entrepreneurs longing to break free from 9-5, to challenge their limiting beliefs but will provide practical strategies for their business. She'll guide them on how to align their spending with their core values, invest in themselves, and inspire them to transform entrepreneurial aspirations into a prosperous reality.

Lari's journey will inspire mothers aiming to secure a comfortable future for their family and teach their children financial literacy to overcome adversities, strive for financial freedom, and build a legacy for their loved ones. She'll help mothers see beyond the daily grind, to envision and step towards a future where financial stability is not a dream, but a way of life.

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